Stasis Network
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Decentralized Application (dApp)

One of the most important features of any DeFi protocol is the decentralized application (dApp). A user's experience on a protocol's dApp can potentially make or break how well a protocol attracts and retains users. Stasis Network spent many months designing and refining the dApp design to ensure maximum ease of use and functionality.
One important distinction of the Stasis Network dApp is all functions will be viewable without connecting a wallet. We want potential users to be able to view the full suite of features without feeling vulnerable via wallet connect. Anyone can preview the dApp simply by visiting (coming soon).
A brief summary of each page featured in the dApp:
Dashboard page provides users with a broad summary of their holdings, their Net APY, and the primary tokens and earning opportunities of the protocol.
Cross Chain page presents an Axelar/Squid Router widget integration allowing users to bridge from any network and any token to MATIC on Polygon to interact with the Stasis dApp.
Trade page offers a token swapper where users can easily trade between STS, STS+, MATIC, and USDC. The Trade page also allows users to make and break farm liquidity pool (LP) tokens directly in the dApp without the need to navigate to a third-party DEX.
Staking and Farming pages are users' direct interaction with their active holdings in the protocol; depositing, withdrawing, zapping, and setting their customized settings via our newly established Dynamic Strategies (details explaining this feature are upcoming in this document).
Markets page provides clean, interactive chart tracking of the assets featured in the protocol. You will find charts for STS, STS+, and the two Farm LP token values. Users often ask what the value of a single farm LP token is; now we will have the ability to show this data visually at any time.
NFT page will show a user's NFT holdings, their upcoming weekly rewards, the ability to choose to auto-stake their rewards into Single Staking, and a timer for when the next rewards will be distributed (additional NFT details to be explained later in this document).