Stasis Network
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Users create Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens with STS and STS+ tokens directly on the dApp or on QuickSwap. Farm earns a percentage of Buy and Sell Taxes when rewards are triggered.
Creating/Breaking STS-STS+ LP tokens will be tax-exempt on STS. - Due to STS+ mechanics, we can't tax-exempt the 1% STS+ Buy/Sell Tax. There will be 4% Deposit & Withdrawal Fees for this farm. There is no lock-up period and no timers resulting in an early withdrawal penalty.
The deposit and withdrawal fees collected in LP tokens will be split between two destinations; the STS will contribute to the tax contracts for future rewards, and the STS+ will be sent to the Treasury.
Farmers who elect to compound rewards, those deposits will experience the 4% Deposit Fee. Both fee events contribute to the taxes collected and will increase the APY and farming rewards when triggered.