Stasis Network
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4/2/4 Staking

40/20/40 or 4/2/4 Staking

Single Staking is an attractive option for users as it requires no potential of impermanent loss to earn rewards. The recommendation from the team for Staking is 40/20/40, or a 4/2/4 Strategy, to maintain a healthy protocol and allow users to take profit responsibly. The strategy works as follows:
  • 40% Compound
  • 20% Accumulate
  • 40% Take Profit
These parameters will allow users to grow their active staking tokens (40%), while leaving a portion to accumulate (20%) for manual liquidity if they want to hold or pair with MATIC/STS+ and deposit into the yield farms. The remaining 40% of rewards will be paid out to wallets in STS+. Users can then convert the STS+ to USDC or hold and earn additional APA.