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4/4*/2 Farming

40/40*/20 or 4/4*/2 Farming

Yield Farming will receive most of the rewards from the protocol's buy/sell taxes and revenue streams. Keeping that in mind, the team believes a 40/40*/20, or a 4/4*/2 Farming strategy is the path to maximum returns long-term. The strategy works as follows:
  • 40% Compound
  • 40% Accumulate ( ☑️ into Single Staking )
  • 20% Take Profit
The farms will automatically compound 40% of user rewards back into the farm. Another 40% is accumulated and automatically sent to Single Staking. The remaining 20% of rewards will be paid out to wallets in STS+. Users can then convert the STS+ to USDC or hold and earn additional APA.