Stasis Network
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How To Exit

It is naive to think users will be engaged with Stasis Network forever. The team actively encourages users to manage their holdings in a healthy and risk-mitigating manner. While the team believes no one is 'early' or 'late' to the protocol due to its well-crafted mechanics, there are some techniques users can employ when removing capital from the ecosystem that is both healthy for Stasis Network and profitable for the end user:
  • Increase the 'Take Profit' and decrease the 'Compound' percentages in the user's customizable passive income strategy. This will begin to grow a larger allocation of STS+, which is 100% collateralized by USDC and will appreciate over time.
  • Remove and break up LP tokens from the farm. This would give users access to 50% of the liquid value in MATIC or STS+ for their short-term capital needs. The remaining half of STS can be put into the Single Staking pool for additional returns without the risk of impermanent loss.
  • Avoid 'dumping' large positions in one transaction. This can create significant price impact and lowers user returns. By laddering out of a position in smaller increments over a couple of days, users let the market breathe and allow new capital to enter at more favorable prices for their individual goals.
  • In select emergency situations, the Stasis Network core team would consider an over-the-counter (OTC) arrangement, accounting for the appropriate sell taxes, etc. This would be rare in occurrence and at the complete discretion of the Stasis Network core team. Users can explore this option when considering significant movement within the protocol.