Stasis Network
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Internal Farm Migration

Within the Stasis Network ecosystem, Creating and Breaking liquidity pool (LP) tokens is tax-exempt. This was designed to simplify the process of prepping to enter the yield farms. In place of the larger taxes, there is a 4% deposit and withdrawal fee associated with the yield farm.
Traditionally, if a user wanted to move from one farm to another, they would need to withdraw, change LP tokens, and redeposit. Doing this manually would cost a user 8% in withdrawal and deposit fees to exit one farm and enter the other farm. That is no longer the case with Stasis Network.
On the Farming Page of the dApp, within 'Settings,' Yield Farmers will be able to transfer between the two liquidity pools internally with one click of a button, and it will only require a 2% Transfer Fee. Users can now easily adapt to changing market conditions as well as attractive APY arbitrage opportunities between the farms. This continues the Stasis Network tradition of handing control back to the user.