Stasis Network

Protocol Clarification

Date: June 15, 2023.
Stasis Network would like to take the time to clarify its structure before the product officially launches on Friday, June 16, 2023. Due to ever-changing regulatory circumstances, these clarifications will help ensure the safety of the users, the protocol, and the team.
BlockCentral Inc T/A Stasis Network is a protocol utilizing smart contracts that manage a uniquely created ‘DeFi Fund’ made up of digital assets, with a utility token (STS) acting as the medium of exchange. Each user chooses to interact with these smart contracts and the features of the decentralized application, accepting and understanding the Terms and Conditions of the protocol.
Any previous or future mention of a mutual fund, or other traditional finance systems, is not an official or formal definition of Stasis Network and is used for educational purposes only, to help facilitate users’ understanding of our custom protocol structure. As a Panama-based company, BlockCentral T/A Stasis Network does not operate a traditional financial instrument.
Functionally, the Stasis Network platform and features are unchanged. Users will be able to utilize the full suite offered. However, the team, the documentation, and all written communications will be diligent to only use official vernacular to explain the product, the utility, and the features it offers to the users.