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Liquid Decaying NFTs

Stasis Network will be introducing NFTs with a new innovative approach. While NFTs remain very popular among crypto users, traditional NFTs are notoriously illiquid and their floor prices are too volatile. The market demands more than just jpegs moving forward. Stasis Network will answer the demand for something new. 'Liquid Decaying NFTs' will provide maximum long-term value while maintaining a more liquid nature that users want.
NFTs will pay weekly lifetime rewards to the holder. 25 million tokens are locked in a contract initially. Tokens will be paid out as the contract decays.
NFT Mint Details:
  • 700 NFTs will be available in total for the Stasis Viking Collection
  • STS+ will be used for the upcoming Mints.
Progressive NFT Mint: 150 NFTs were minted in the first mint window. Similar to the token progressive launch, we will have one additional NFT Mint window with an increased mint price. Date TBA. The mint will then be capped, and the final NFT mint will be entitled to decaying rewards from the total tokens found in the NFT contract.
Token Burn Commitment: To boost NFT profitability even more, the team will dedicate 10% of all tokens slated for the manual burn to the NFT contract.
NOTE: The NFT Collection was created using a premium MidJourney subscription. Under their Terms of Service, at the time of the artwork's creation, the Stasis Network team is permitted by MidJourney to use the artwork created under a premium account commercially, including for minting NFTs.