Stasis Network


September 2022

DEVELOPMENT BEGINS The first outlines of Stasis Network are created, including the basic iterations of the concepts of Dynamic Strategies and Principal Resonance.

February 2023

CORE TEAM Final members of the core team recruited and began work on the final details of the protocol’s attributes and general development timeline.

March 2023

DAPP & SMART CONTRACTS Develop of the custom-built dApp and corresponding smart contracts begins with a US-based development team.

April 2023

PARENT COMPANY FOUNDED Stasis Network’s parent company, BlockCentral Inc, is founded and established in Panama.
PARTNERSHIP WITH POLYGON Stasis Network is chosen as a flagship project in the Polygon Village program, representing the first stage of new projects launching in 2023.

May 2023 

PUBLIC BRAND LAUNCH The full breadth of Stasis Network is revealed publicly, including the white paper, website, protocol mechanics, tokenomics of the Stasis Network Token, etc.
MARKETING AND PR CAMPAIGNS Multi-faceted marketing campaigns launch via partnerships with Lunar Strategy, DeFi Edge/TLDR Newsletters, and Stasis Network's own guerrilla marketing efforts. WHITELIST FOR PRESALE AND NFT MINT A methodical and merit-based collection of white list addresses and allocations for the upcoming presale in June via community engagement and partnerships.

June 2023

PRESALE & NFT MINT A multi-day event where users can utilize the Stasis Network smart contracts to swap USDC for STS tokens and SVC NFTs allocations. PROTOCOL LAUNCH Comprehensive launch of the protocol, including two deep liquidity pools, arbitrage bot, single staking, yield farming, and NFT rewards.

July 2023

BLOCKCENTRAL NOT-A-PODCAST Launching our fireside chat episodic, where the team will interview and converse with key opinion leaders and industry leaders to promote good actors.
STASIS NETWORK HOARD BOXES Launching a special loot box-style campaign for users to earn bonuses in the form of STS, STS+, or an NFT, on top of one-time tax-free purchases of STS tokens.

September 2023

STASIS UNIVERSITY WEB2 SITE Begin populating our Stasis Network University web2 platform where users can learn about all things crypto, DeFi, and Stasis Network.

Q4 2023

STASIS NETWORK L2E DAPP Development begins on the comprehensive StasisU dApp that will be the epicenter of our L2E platform to drive traffic and assist in creating 'Smart Users'.

Q1 2024

L2E DAPP LAUNCH Full launch of the incentivized dApp for L2E traffic, including content about crypto, DeFi, Stasis Network, and partner protocols.

Q2 2024

STASIS ONE LAUNCH A one-click straight fiat-to-earning option for the more risk-averse users. The ETF-like product will be a self-managed portfolio of STS strategies that simplifies a user's experience.

Q3 2024

WRAPPED STS TOKEN Tentatively planned wrapped token designed for use on CEXs. A final decision on the official launch will be made based on market conditions and regulatory environment.