Stasis Network
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One of the goals of Stasis Network is to create something sustainable and dependable in the DeFi space. One way we will accomplish this is through the leveraging of a modified XUSD fork called STS+. XUSD utilizes a wrapping protocol and profit-generating mechanisms to create an appreciating stable-backed asset 100% backed by US Dollars. This stable-backed asset will be live when the protocol launches.
STS+ will be 100% collateralized with USDC stablecoin, and mechanically the token cannot depreciate. There are very small taxes for buying, selling, and transferring STS+ that fold back into the smart contract, causing the existing tokens to appreciate slightly with every transaction.
Stasis Network will measure the growth of the STS+ token through Annual Percentage Appreciation (APA). APA is the most accurate description, as there is no yield earned, but an appreciation of the tokens already held by the user. Due to the tax design and planned integration into Stasis Network's passive income structure, STS+ holders will have a fully collateralized, ever-appreciating stable-backed asset.