Stasis Network
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wSTS | Wrapped STS

Projected Launch: Q4 2023.
To expand the ecosystem beyond the confines of DeFi and DEXs, Stasis Network sees it necessary, once the network is mature and well-established, to offer a wrapped version of the Stasis token for open trading on a CEX. This will extend the exposure of Stasis to the wider cryptocurrency industry.
Given the current sentiment around regulations and mistreatment of CEXs by government agencies, the Stasis Network team will take the time necessary to fully explore and evaluate the destination and timing of a CEX listing.
The wSTS token will be tax-less. The wSTS can be traded freely by anyone without fear of incurring taxes. To maintain the integrity of the foundational DeFi protocol of Stasis Network, there will only be one way to swap wSTS for STS. This route will maintain the standard Buy tax (5%) and Sell tax (10%), not to be abused by users looking to accumulate STS tokens unjustly. However, a user could swing trade wSTS, growing their holdings before returning them to the network’s ecosystem. Another opportunity for users to increase their passive income within Stasis Network.