Stasis Network

StasisU (Stasis Network University)

One of the most important features of Stasis Network is education. StasisU will usher in a new paradigm of Learn 2 Earn (L2E). StasisU will provide users with easy-to-digest, micro-targeted tutorials and will give users an opportunity to earn rewards through their activity. Topics covered will range from a plethora of crypto topics in general as well as breaking down the minutia of Stasis Network itself.
The first phase of StasisU will be a well-crafted web2 experience, with a full suite of content from Blockchain 101 all the way to the finest details of the Stasis Network ecosystem. Once fully established, phase two of StasisU will implement a web3 wallet connect, allowing users to earn free crypto by engaging in their educational journey in DeFi.
The goal of Stasis Network isn't just passive income; it is also helping steward a new wave of Smart Users. The team will introduce a fully custom dApp after Stasis Network launch allowing for the incentivization of learning about Stasis Network, partner protocols, and the crypto-verse overall.