Stasis Network
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The Guild

All individuals interested in cryptocurrency are welcome in the Stasis Network community. Owning tokens is not required to make a digital home out of the community being built by Stasis Network. The community will set the standard for being a gathering point for all who wish to congregate and socialize, regardless of their level of participation in the Stasis ecosystem.
However, there will be an opportunity for holders within Stasis Network to join a special Guild where exclusive services, opportunities, giveaways, and protocol updates will be provided free of cost. The Guild will have a small barrier to entry.
Guild membership requires a user to hold the equivalent of [~$300] in Stasis Network ecosystem assets, confirmed by connecting user wallets to the Collab.Land bot. This includes STS, STS Single Staking, the two yield farms, and NFT holdings. STS+ does not qualify.
There will be one tier above The Guild, called Asgard, where users within Stasis Network can earn a blue ‘Verified’ role as a whale in the Stasis Network ecosystem. To achieve this role, users must hold 400,000 STS tokens or equivalent in holding, single staking, yield farms, or NFTs. STS+ and NFT holdings will not qualify. This number will be confirmed and maintained by the Collab.Land bot. Due to their commitment to the ecosystem’s long-term prosperity, verified users will be considered for advisement opportunities and councils for future Stasis Network developments.
The specific requirements for each role are listed below: